Clayton Fry / Architect LEED AP



Office Tower

Austin, Texas

Miró Rivera Architects

Program: Rooted in the heart of Austin’s downtown, the 15-story Mixed-use Tower seeks to perpetuate the sustainable lifestyle for which Austin is known. Described by Juan Miró as the “Perfect Storm,” the approval of the project is complicated by several issues, including: easements through the center of the site, complicated parking demands, complex zoning with a height restriction below the developer’s bottom-line, and a well-established historic community resistant to change.

Charrette: As part of a 5-person team, I directly contributed in concept formation, plan organization, and detail development, and the administration of production. With each variance review, city council board approval, or neighborhood meeting, the project would endure a redesign. Through this process, I made significant contributions to various drawings.

Modeling & Presentation: As one of two primary model managers, I helped build and maintain several working versions of the virtual building, including rendering and illustration with full entourage.


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Office Tower
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Office Tower