Clayton Fry / Architect LEED AP



Museo de Pontevedra

Pontevedra, Spain

MirĂ³ Rivera Architects

Program: Competition for a museum uniquely situated over an archeological excavation in Northern Spain. The building seeks to maximize the urban area by creating a series of public spaces that connect existing plazas, streets, and sidewalks. A gateway to the town will be located over the sixteenth century remains of the tower.

Charrette: As part of an 8-person team, I directly contributed in concept formation, plan organization, detail development, and the administration of production. Throughout the process, I made significant contributions to various drawings in preparation for competition entry.

Research & Analysis: Through the interpretation of historic records, elevation data, and archaeological documentation, I single-handedly deciphered three centuries of overlapping architectural interventions in order to catalogue the archaeological components, thus allowing the team to develop an accurate design strategy.

Modeling & Presentation: As one of two primary model managers, I helped build and maintain several working versions of the virtual building. I rendered several models and illustrated with full entourage.


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Museo de Pontevedra
Museo de Pontevedra
Museo de Pontevedra